glTF OnProgress fails to monitor .bin progress

I was trying in implement a progress bar to tell my users that “something is happening” but I need to load a 50MB file (.bin, .gltf). The documentation says:

url to the glTF file,
onLoad function,
onProgress (console.log( ( xhr.loaded / * 100 ) + ‘% loaded’ )
error function

My problem is that the onProgress function monitors the glTF file (.glTF, 200kb) and not the .bin (50MB) and shows 100% after 1sec.

How can I make the OnProgress function monitor the .bin file?

Thank you,


Possible duplicate: Problems with logging the current progress of a loading process

Thanks. I wondered that myself but I thought there could be another way.

Sorry for not finding this before. I was looking for “glTF” as a keyword.