Gltf array objects clickable

How to make gltf model which has many objects in an array so, how to make each object clickable with onclick listener.
Gltf model which I’ve exported from Blender 2.79.

Use THREE.Raycaster().
And take a look at the interactive examples.

Can u send some example made by you in which I want on click event on object and it should display some html info css.

I hope my answer won’t sound impolite, but could you put more effort in reseach of how to click objects?
This topic was discussed many times on the forum and on Stackoverflow.
For example, here you can find how to perform a click on an objec (search string is “click object” in the search field of the forum):

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Thank you for your support onclick is working fine now :v:.

I did not so much, but you’re welcome anyway :beers:

What ever u made me some route you are welcome🙌