Backward stacked rectangles with text

May I upfront state I know nothing about threejs. However I know javascript and I’m looking to create a 3D interface for an already written application. My question is: can threejs produce something similar to the pic with the ability to step (mouse) through the rectangles (ie bring selected to the front)? The rectangles have to contain text but it only the nearest needs to be readable. Some links to similar examples would be appreciated.
Many Thanks.

Hey @Nervouselk,

Three.js allows you to use OrtographicCamera - in which perspective does not exist, thus allowing you to project 2D view.

You can either create a vertical plane, which will have a x angle of 90 degrees, or set the camera position on top of the scene and update the camera lookAt property to look at the (0, 0, 0) cords.

To style your HTML elements you will you have to use CSS3DRenderer, here is a good example that you are exactly looking for: css3drenderer example
Click on the button that is at the bottom right to inspect the code behind the solution.

Here is another good example: discourse.threejs question

Problems I’d have face is the responsiveness of the elements.

Gorskidev, Thank you, this information will be helpful.