Audio gets distorted on Google Chrome

I’m having a really weird problem right now. I’m positional audio for a project. I have a 3D globe and users can click on the globe to create sound on the specific place they clicked on. When the users come back from the “create” page, the sound that is coming from the globe gets really distorted.

The issue is only with Google Chrome. When the audio plays and I go to another tab, the distortion disappears. When I go back to my page, the distortion comes back… Firefox and Safari are working great.

The website is still in development. You can test it here. Click on a specific place on the globe. Then press back on the next page and you hear that the sounds get distorted.

Does anyone know if this is an issue with google chrome or … ?

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Hi @Sveny,

What I noticed is, if I don’t rotate the scene but just click and come back in Chrome it’s fine, however if I start dragging from the space and move it then the sound gets cluttering. This happens only after second time, maybe it gives you a clue.

I can see the same warnings in the browser console like mentioned here: