Wow x-loader is there

Well - the best addon so far - brings about 5000 Models for me into my scenes

Only thing what is needed - the animations shall work - and they do not.
I used the models in Blitz3D, 3DRad and most of them come from Modellers which sell them in 5 + different versions and wherever you try them, which ever viewer is used the animations work …

So there’s a little bit to do to make owners of x-files using threejs happy :joy:

This is normal

AnimationSet Walk {
  Animation {
  AnimationKey {

Your Testmodel

AnimationSet AnimationSet_SSR06_Born2 {

 Animation Animation0 {
  { Frame1_AllPutting_2_Layer1 }
  AnimationKey {

No action you use in your example (stand walk, etc)

Hi. I made that plug-in.
and sorry.
I could only try data output from [LightWave 3D].

All connected animation data was divided by [ Script in HTML file ] and given their name.

In my assumption, animation data divided by animationSet should come in an [XAnimationObj] array.

If possible, please upload your data.
Let’s do as much as I can.


Any chance you guys could provide a link to the thing you’re talking about?


I could send the .x model to you per email. If that helps.

On the other hand, there are 1000s of free animated .x files for download.

Very much appreciated to be able to convert some old stuff from Blitz to browser game

Thanks very much.

Absolute perfect would be if someone writes a .b3b plugin – then threejs would get 1000s of new users over night.
Threejs is even now the long awaited modern Blitz3D (which is completely outdated) – and Blitz3D was for years the easiest game development platform in my and thousands other users view

No, I meant a link to the x-loader itself. Is it part of the three.js repo, or located elsewhere?

I is part of the last download
And it appears in the examples now – which did not some months ago when I went through them …


Can you upload model file somewhere? I do not want to extract data from Blitz3D.

Blitz3D is public domain since some years now

I have for further development other models – bought from - with textures quite big – maybe not for mail sending.
The makbot is a good example

I am sorry that I do not have the time to program myself – what I usually have for days and weeks in a row. But at present am busy on another project look occasionally into threejs development.

Here is one from 3DFoin – please use only for test purpose