WorldCoordinates reference system


I would like to know whether the world coordinates returned as part of raycaster’s intersected point property adheres to any particular reference system like AGD66/AGD 84/ED 1950 etc.


Can you please describe in more detail what are you talking about? I have never heard of AGD66, AGD 84 or ED 1950.

I think the coordinate systems you are referring to are coordinate systems for geographical mapping.
That has nothing to do with raycaster’s concept of world position. In fact it would have nothing to do with pretty much any internal to threejs.
Threejs’s coordinate systems imply 3d coordinate system.
The world position implies the coordinates values for the coordinates are defined in reference to the absolute origin in the scene. A local position would mean the values are defined in reference to some other frame of reference (eg. position wrt another object’s position). Threjs nested objects return position in local coordinate space relative to their parent.
Hope this is what you were looking for.

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