WNDR - Immersive FPS Experience Inspired By Liminal Spaces & Human Phobias

WNDR invites the user to explore an unknown and unexplained environment without any specific goal. It’s not a game, there are no missions to complete. Rather, it is a discovery experience, not to get answers, but to live the experience itself.

When designing each room, I was inspired by liminal spaces (you may recognize The Backrooms vibes) and human phobias such as trypophobia, megalophobia… All in the aim of creating an uneasy/creepy/surreal atmosphere.

This is my first ever ThreeJS/R3F project which I worked on for 3-4 months for the end of my studies. I had never done ThreeJS prior to this and had to relearn 3D having only had introductory courses a few years back. I modeled everything in Blender and also used existing assets.

There are many features that could be added and improved in the future, but I think this is a good start :slightly_smiling_face: Any feedback is welcome !

Hope to see you wandering around :sparkles:

https://www.sandrinewij.be/WNDR/ (only on desktop)


Hey !
Wonderful website, really loved the experience !
You really managed to hit the right spots with those phobias !
Keep going you’re doing it right.

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Thank you !

This looks great and I really want to try it out but it keeps crashing my browser (the dreaded “unresponsive script” error) I assume it’s because my computer is garbage?