Why loading a texture is sending sequential requests?

Hello everyone,

I’m loading a CubeTexture, by THREE.CubeTextureLoader, and in the newtork tab from Chrome, I see that all the 6 images (faces of the cube) have a request. These requests are loading sequentially. I guess that these requests are from the loader, but how it is internally working? And what can I do to do this process in parallel? Is there a way to do It?

Since I’m loading a lot of CubeTextures, the network time increases with that sequential process.


The download is in fact parallel. It’s like when a website starts loading six images for its content.

Can you please explain in more detail why you think it is sequential?

Hi Mugen,

This is my Network Tab when I reload my page.

As you can see, the base64 urls of my images are downloading sequentially.

Can you please share a demo that shows what you do? I don’t see this in three.js webgl - materials - environment maps where CubeTextureLoader is used.


I think that with this example should be enough. You can see that the source image it is divided in order to take the values of the cube faces, and then, those cube faces are loaded by CubeTextureLoader.

And, as in my environment, that download of the base64 images is doing sequentially.

Why are they downloaded by this way? There’s a way to do this download in parallel?