Weird Lines on Custom Geometry

Good afternoon guys, I’ve just noticed that on my custom buffer geometries, at certain angles and FOV, weird vertical/horizontal lines would appear on the edges of these geometries like the picture below:

There are no errors in the console, so what could the reason be?

Source code for mesh creation
Source code for rendering

Thank you in advance!

Not sure if it’s the same problem, but I had a similar issue when using a tileset texture, and this was because of texture sampling near the edges of a tile that sampled the neighbor tile. For example in the following tileset :
You had better not sample a tile right at its edge, but keep a safe “padding” to make sure you won’t sample the tile next to it.
You can also mitigate the problem by setting THREE.NearestFilter on Texture.magFilter and Texture.minFilter.



I eventually fixed it through the half-texel edge correction method.