WebXR struggles with skinned meshes (long gpu processes/eventual failure)

There seems to be an issue with rendering skinned meshes in a three js webxr environment.

Here’s our webxr set up

this.renderer.xr.enabled = true;
if (this.mobile) {
const config = {
      requiredFeatures: ['hit-test'],
      optionalFeatures: ['dom-overlay'],
      domOverlay: {
        root: this.interface
navigator.xr.requestSession('immersive-ar', config).then(session => {
     this.renderer.xr.setReferenceSpaceType( 'local' );
     this.renderer.xr.setSession( session );

There is a huge difference in frame rate between models with skinned meshes and models without skinned meshes. I checked Chrome’s perfomance tab and found that the frame rate drops are due to long gpu processes.
You can see the difference by comparing these two experiences on Android Chrome (click view in your space to go into webxr mode):

Three js renders the fortnite girl model just fine initially but after placing the model in webxr mode it stutters until the webgl context is completely lost (tested with a pixel4a). I’ve googled it and nobody seems to be talking about this so I thought I would try asking about it here.