WebGL rendered line segments that should be hidden (on Linux (majaro) and Window, but not macOS)


I am on the way to investigating why some line segments (a parts of LineSegments) is showed in the WebGLRenderer, that should be invisible. The issue is on on Linux and Window, but not macOS.
See the compared picture bellow. Can you please help us spot on where should I looking into detail first? Thank you!

SImilar effect happens when the polygon offset is too big. So, first look at polygonOffsetUnits and polygonOffsetFactor. Here is a demo (change line 45 to switch between good lines and bad lines):




Thank you!

The polygonOffsetFactor save me on some model. But It seem like this result can be consequence of another factor.

@PavelBoytchev do you have any idea why it does not happen on macOS?

Iā€™m sorry, I have no experience with macOS. You may compare WebGL on your Linux, Windows and maxOS with WebGL Report. Maybe there is some difference that can give a clue?