Walk-around country house sim

This was my lockdown project. Finished this evening. Its pretty straight forward, conceptually - just a country house setting you can walk around in.

I modelled and texuted the scene in Blender. The exported model has 40k faces. I wasn’t sure if the browser would take it but it runs ok on my laptop, at least. (But that has a pretty formiddable 16GB graphics memory). What do you think, is 40k a hell of a lot for a threeJS scene, or just a lot?

You can run thr sim in Standard Graphics mode or Simplified graphics. With simplified, you only have a directional light, there is no skybox, and the animated fire is left out.

Implementing that was mainly for the lighting. Im thinking that the cost of running a scene like this roughly equates to faces x lights. Does that sound about right?

Anyways, pay a visit and make yourself at home…it has capacity for infinite guests!

(Please note, no mobile support)