VRControls and Instanced Geometries = weird

Currently working on a webVR project and noticed when I applied an instanced mesh, that the mesh isn’t stereo rendering, and have honestly no idea how to troubleshoot this…

As I was writing the following jsFiddle, I noticed that the issues appears when enabling the update function in the VRControls!


edit…the issue of not seeing the mesh was due to forgetting to render all sides of the said mesh and now it is visible*

Many thanks in advance!

VRControls and VREffect are deprecated. The logic of these entities is now integrated into the core of the library. Please have a look at the latest official WebVR examples. It’s more straightforward than before to enable VR in a three.js app.

Maybe your reported problem does not occur if you develop your code according to the examples. Besides, does this problem only occur if you use InstancedBufferGeometry? BufferGeometry works?

Okok! I’ll check it out!

I did managed to solve my problem by enabling depthtesting on the instanced geometry’s material, and now it is properly being stereo rendered! I’m curious to know though why setting depthtest to false causes the mesh to not be stereo rendered?