VR Phone and Computer sync

I am trying to make a game where different points of light are shown and the player presses a button whenever they see a point of light.

Since I want to make it VR, the player will have to use their phone screen to see the points of light in VR. However, they have to use their computer keyboard to press a key whenever they see a light.

How do I “sync” what the player sees and the keypresses my computer records? Any code or help much appreciated, thank you!

I’m a bit confused - could you please share how do you create a session between PC and the mobile? :thinking:

(If “how to create that kind of session” is your question - you may need a webserver instance on the computer and a connected client on mobile. You should then be able to handle keyboard input using websockets.)

Phone VR is actually dead since Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream are not developed anymore.

What is your motivation for developing a VR application for this platform?