(voluntary) Coders and other developers wanted for Model Railroad tool

(Please note: it is a open source project, this does not involve paid jobs.)


About ten years ago I started developing TRAX, the first and only web based software for designing your model railroad. After some experimenting, I finally launched TRAX. Gradually TRAX grew into a full blown design tool that can be used on any platform: from Mac to PC, from Android to iOS.

Two years ago I started working on the next step: TRAX3D. Though still web based, this new version would not only offer a 3D view, it would feature a fully functional 3D design mode, and 3D simulations. A great ambition, but way too big to get there all by myself.

And there are many more plans, so I have decided to involve more people in this project. I plan to make TRAX open source and build a team that will bring this project to the next level.

So now I am looking for people who can bring the following skills to this team:

  • Javascript development
  • 3D development using THREEjs
  • PHP developers
  • Front end development with HTML and CSS
  • Interface design
  • Database developers
  • Web Server admins (apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP)
  • Community managers and support agents
  • Content creators: instruction videos and website articles
  • Translators english to Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Chinese
  • Track library maintainers.
  • Scrum masters

If you want to commit to this project, and you are full of ideas as well as interested in ideas of others, then please send me a personal message and we ‘ll get in touch!

TRAX and all current and future assets will be put into a foundation and will be open source. TRAX itself will stay 100% free forever.

TRAX2: https://traxeditor.com
TRAX3D: https://trax3D.com

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