Vogu x Decentraland Wearable Mint Site

This website is a marketplace for Tar Head Decentraland Wearables, part of the Vogu NFT project. This project demonstrates how to encorporate web3 with threejs.

I’d love some feedback!

On my iMac, OSX 10.15.7, Firefox 98.0.1:

The same for Safari 13.1.3.

You need to have an ethereum wallet. I’d suggest either Metamask or Coinbase wallet. If on mobile, you can use the Metamask browser. This website is a dApp and pulls all of its data from the blockchain.

You need to turn off the glitch postprocessing completely or give the user a warning before entering the site / give them the option to switch it off, else you might trigger an epileptic seizure in one of your users. Do this NOW before someone gets hurt!

As a non epileptic user, I think the effect should be ditched anyways, it’s unpleasant and users who don’t know it’s postprocessing / a deliberate aesthetic choice might think your website is messed up.

I like the style.

Site takes a while to load, looks like you’re loading a lot of images that aren’t being used immediately, so you might want to defer loading these until the page is ready.