Visualize back posture with 4x3 dimensions of rotation given

I am currently working on a university project. My aim is to get a rough estimate of the posture of a person’s back. For this I built a system that collects the data from 4 MPU6050 at a central service (node js). From there it will be redirected to my frontend. My first idea was to draw 4 lines and take the roll angles for the angles between the lines. Its just drawn on a canvas without threejs. But I’ve looked into it and already had some good results in drawing lines and curves (baby steps).

The data is a stream of data similar to something like this:

  pitch: 31.4
  roll: 3.53
  yaw: 1.56

Now I am not that familiar with threejs and I do not know whats possible with it so I come here to ask:

How would you visualize something like that? What are your first thoughts?

For the interested:
this is the project I am talking about: GitHub - Trojan13/posture-control: Controls your back posture while lifting a heavy object.

How many sensors are there and where are they placed? If they can be mapped onto the joints in a 3d skeleton you could attach it to a model of a human and show the model animating to match the sensor data

In this example, click “show skeleton”.

There are lots of free models here that you could use - they all come with the same skeleton setup so you can swap them out with each other.