Using the three.js for spectacular website design

first experiment :slight_smile:


Wow, this is really good. Did you develop this or is this your UX design? Either one is pretty good, both together… wow.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, the design and website were made by me)


Oh, @OxanaBayra!
Looks wonderful!:ok_hand:
It is a great work!
I want to know if you have experience with strategy game design.
Thank you!!!:hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:

It looks good, but there is just one thing I don’t like a all, it’s when you hover on a menu icon…
You added this glitch shader, it’s a bit violent in my opinion. And it’s maybe too quick to start, coz when you want to point to a menu and your mouse hover quickly over another menu, the shader starts for a couple of frame, and it’s disturbing.

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Wow, the website design (and execution of course) is incredible. Great work!
Did you use Three.js only on the home page or do they all have webgl?

Although like @felixmariotto mentioned above, I too feel like the glitch shader is a little too agressive. Im not entirely sure if this is epilepsy-friendly.

Edit: After refresh the audio started working. Much creepier than I expected… :flushed:

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