Using Antialiasing(SSAA & TAA) in v133 results in these color Band

I used to use v110 but recently I upgraded to v133 and my entire Scene became Darker .
I think its due to gammafactor which got deprecated .

So I used GammaCorrectionShader as

which actully fixed it … but as I am using Antialiasing I am getting these Color Bands
please Ignore the Black Spot its due to AO map


Darker color Results in more color Bands

I think is due to taaPass.accumulate as I am not using it …coz When I enable it either the screen get stuck or it goes completly white.

yes I am using

and also using renderTarget

this ColorBanding is Happening with SSAA and TAA … FXAA seems fine .
Here is the Complete Code : post processing Testing 2 - CodeSandbox

Have you tried setting taaPass.unbiased = true?

yes Even After setting that to true result in same result.
here is the code I’m using ,please ignone that blackspot in middle …its due to AOmap I am using.