Use one image for several different textures

Hello community!

In my scene I use different BoxGeometries and ExtrudeGeometries. For each object I want to use texture with same image, but different parameters of scale and offset. Texture.clone and material.clone doesn’t work. I can’t find any decision for make it.

@Denis please can you share a code pen for this problem

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What you do you mean wiht “does not work”? Texture.clone() should exactly do what you are looking for.

this is my code
I’m trying to clone texture to texture2 and change offset and scale parameters for texture2. But see just black color

Updated fiddle:

When cloning a texture, you have to tell the renderer when a texture upload is required. Hence, you have to add the following code to your onLoad() callback.

texture2.needsUpdate = true;
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same we have to do for the mesh right @Mugen87

Thank you for help!

Meshes do not have a needsUpdate flag.

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