USB streaming from Chrome on PC in XR mode to Quest 2

Hi, guys !
I am thinking about upgrading from my Oculus Go to Quest 2 and one of the advantages I see is USB streaming of XR content from PC to the headset - this will preserve my brain from high frequency Wi-Fi emanations and I am planning to keep Wi-Fi always off.

I know that it’s possible in Steam, for example, but as soon as all my XR code is based on Three.js, I have a question: is it possible to stream content from Chrome that is running on PC in XR mode to Quest 2 ?

Thanks in advance.

There may have been some movement on this so the following info on the forum may be outdated but may also be relivant…

Thanks a lot ! Things are changing fast, so it would be nice if someone who have Quest 2 could prove or disprove these facts: