Update controls from CameraControls with buttons located outside the Canvas in R3F

Hi all. Trying to make these buttons move the CameraControls from Drei.

I tried this, and it works. But I do not quite like this method because it’s causing a rerender of my whole scene everytime I change the controls.

My root component:

  const [controls, setControls] = useState()
  return (
    <main className='h-full'>
      <Topbar />

      <section className='flex h-[92vh] flex-row flex-nowrap '>
        <Toolbar />
        {MODES_2D_VIEWER.includes(mode) ? <Viewer2D /> : <Viewer3D setControls={setControls} />}

      <DirectionControls controls={controls} />

My scene where I assign the controls:

export function Scene3D({ setControls }: Props) {
  const { cameraRef, controlsRef } = useCameraControls3D()
  const controls = useThree((state) => state.controls)

  useEffect(() => setControls(controls), [controls])
  return (

Component where the controls are moved with:

export function DirectionControls({controls}) {
  return (
    <button onClick={()=> controls.dolly(50)/>}

I think the ideal solution would be to somehow, place the DirectionControls component within the Scene3D so it could have acces to controls as props. But judging by the errors I get when I try it, does not seem to be posible.

i don’t think you should let stuff leak like that. what’s in the canvas shouldn’t be accessible in the dom. instead both the dom and the canvas should share a simple state model. x: 50, y: 100, speed: 3, etc. if something changes the state and something else listens it can now react.

This is a very good point, I just extracted the values and left the declaration of objects inside the Canvas. Now all seems more ergonomic. Thanks a lot.