Unexpected aliasing effect on the dark end of the beam

Hi, guys !

I am working on common objects set for my future projects and trying to create controller’s beam, looking exactly the same as standard Oculus system beam. And results are more or less acceptable, but at some angles I see strong aliasing affect at the end (dark) side that is very annoying and breaks all illusion.

It looks like the same problem described here, but without any solution.

Any suggestions, please !
Thanks in advance.

Test code is here:
beam_test.zip (135.4 KB)

Your code doesn’t run standalone.

Put your stuff in a glitch or a codepen and we can take a look?

Thank you for your attention and sorry for inconvenience, please look at this example on my site:

All good… I put your setup in a glitch here: Glitch :・゚✧
I don’t see anything obvious like you’re describing, but I guess it shows up different on the headset probably?

Here’s a couple things to try one at a time, and see if they affect the problem at all:

beam.material.depthWrite = false

beam.renderOrder = 10

beam_alpha texture.colorSpace = THREE.LinearSRGBColorSpace;

Can you try those out and tell me if they change anything?

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Glitch is great, thanks, now I have an account there …

This effect appears only in dark environment and in VR mode. Unfortunately, no one param you suggested did not help. I will continue this investigation after completing the basic UI for my site. The problem is not too serious ).

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Problem is solved now - the lighting was the reason. Removing unnecessary light sources from the scene produced perfect result !

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Ahhh excellent! Glad you found it!

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