Underscore _.bind will bind object as onprogress in STLLoader

I am using STLLoader to load some binary STL file for meshing, and I am writing it in ES6. The issue I got is when I use _.bind to bind this object with function (because some attribute in this will be used in callback function), it seems this will be treated as onprogress which cases error Uncaught TypeError: callback.onProgress is not a function in three js

here is some of my code:

        		//for 3D rendering
        		this.overlay = {
        	        label: 'STL',
        	        loaded: false,
        	        material: null,
        	        materialFront: null,
        	        materialBack: null,
        	        mesh: null,
        	        meshFront: null,
        	        meshBack: null,
        	        color: 0xe91e63,
        	        opacity: 0.7,
        doMesh: function(Url){
            stlLoader.load(Url, _.bind(function(geometry) {

error happens in three.js:

request.addEventListener( 'progress', function ( event ) {

					var callbacks = loading[ url ];

					for ( var i = 0, il = callbacks.length; i < il; i ++ ) {

						var callback = callbacks[ i ];
						if ( callback.onProgress ) callback.onProgress( event );
                    ///callback.onProgress will be `this` object instead of `null`

				}, false );

Is there a way to fix that? Any help appreciate!

Any chances that you provide a live example? Without debugging it’s hard to evaluate your problem.

Thank you for response! I have fixed the issue, what I did is to you func.bind() instead of _.bind(fucntion(){},this). Again thank you anyway!