Trouble getting model to display

Hey everyone. If anyone is experienced putting the HTML page up on the internet for viewing live I need some help. I had Zephyr export an HTML page, renamed the index to memorial.html. Put it into a different website. When I load the page everything shows except the monument. I go to right click - inspect - Console page where it tells me an error message 404 can’t find the mtl file. If you can or want to look go to

Thank you for any and all help.

What is Zephyr ?

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You link is missing an l.

This file is giving a 404:

Are you sure it’s located in that folder on the server? If it is, it might be a server configuration issue - is your server configured to serve .mtl files?

Thanks for come back. It is on the site. So I will check with the ISP what holds the site. Fay

It is a program that creates 3D models with photos.