Triangles not being drawn when viewed from a steep angle

I am raycasting and getting face’s uv coords to fill a region on the uv map. The raycasting gets the face every time without any issues. However, the rendering has issues. When I am at a steep angle with the face the region on the uv map is not rendered.

Every time I find face, I make a geometry with the uv coords as the positions and send them to the gpu for rendering. I have a custom shader that basically translates the uv coords to ndc and applies a solid color to the pixels. There is no camera related transformation in the shader, so it should be the case of object being not sent to the gpu for rendering.

I tried disabling Object3D.frustumCulled, but no results.

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It was the problem of frustum culling, I don’t know what I was doing before but it got fixed by using frustumCulled=false