ThreeML: 3D serving


I would like to present to you ThreeML.

ThreeML is an open source research project based on ThreeJS. The focus is on implementing 3D as a natural extension to the 2D web browsing experience, for example by allowing both the basic setup of a scene, as well as commonly used actions, to be specified as metatags.

It is work in progress, and reactions and suggestions are appreciated.

Albert Jan


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Looks cool! But what is happening here? Are these html/css pages projected on 3D objects? So the whole website is a scene and the pages are also 3D objects? Would it be possible to use this in VR to have a html/css UI instead of creating dozens of planes as buttons etc?

The slider on the “home” page seems to be buggy. When dragging, it is moving the slider but also dragging the image.

Keep the nice work going. Cheers :sunny:

The technique is based on this old post. These are iframes on a 3d object, thereby keeping the full html capabilities for the content. So even external websites that have no CORS restrictions can be presented. Not sure if it can be used in VR. I tried the ‘normal’ ThreeJS VR implementation, but got an error.

There might be bugs. Not sure what you mean with the ‘buggy slider’, but it is not yet tested for all browsers/screen sizes etc.