Three.proton using MeshZone as CrossZone

Hi guys, this is not strictly related to three.js but to three.proton library a particle engine for three.js, maybe some of you have used it.

I am trying to use a MeshZone as CrossZone for the emitter, basically the goal is to have the particles destroyed as soon as they go outside of the MeshZone (defined through a threejs geometry).

My current attempt does not work, the particles are not destroyed even if when they are outside the mesh.
This is the live plunker:

Hope you guys have some hint!

It’s okay to post this question here but have you considered to ask a question at the respective github repository? There is nothing better than getting help from the project’s creator^^


I’ve created a manual implementation of the same behavior without using CrossZone and MeshZone.
Not sure about performance, but it seems simple enough: