Three is not recognizing importations

My imports aren’t being recognized for some reason. Check the first three lines Do I need to be more specific? That’s what I tried to do with the third line but I still get an error. What else can I do?

did you run, at minimum

npm install three

The first two lines are fine, but three.js can’t import itself – you need a bundler like Snowpack or Parcel or Webpack to look up the library from its name, “three”. Whichever bundler you’re using should have its own docs. Without a bundler, the imports need to point to specific files at a relative path on disk.

The last line should probably be:

import { FBXLoader } from 'three/examples/jsm/loaders/FBXLoader';

Also, since this appears to be typescript — what are the actual errors on these lines? Have you also installed @types/three?