THREE.FBO not working for me


I just stumbled upon this code here:

But when I try to do same same in my code:

THREE.FBO = function(w, simMat) {
  this.scene = new THREE.Scene(); = new THREE.OrthographicCamera(-w/2, w/2, w/2, -w/2, -1, 1);
  this.scene.add(new THREE.Mesh(new THREE.PlaneGeometry(w, w), simMat));

// create a scene where we'll render the positional attributes
var fbo = new THREE.FBO(w, simMaterial);

…compiler tells me
Attempted import error: ‘FBO’ is not exported from ‘three/build/three.module.js’ (imported as ‘THREE’).

Is it sort of an extra-lib or do I need to import something additional?

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