The webview cannot pass touchmove events to the H5 canvas!!!please help me!

what i did:

There is a threejs scene in webview, when the webview is passing data to H5, something like the app drop-down refresh and then notifies H5 will stall, causing the interface to freeze. I did a test, sliding webview after the jam, will not trigger the change event of orbitcontrols, the scene can not be rotated, but sliding in chrome://inspect/devices, can trigger the change, so I guess it is after the jam, Android WebView can experience stalling when performance is limited or overloaded, resulting in delayed or lost event delivery. What should I do at this time?

Then I did another experiment. I added a div to the canvas to check whether the sliding event can be passed normally after the webview is stuck. Unfortunately, it can be passed to this div, but not to the canvas