The problem of video mapping



Excuse me, making video transparent channel, the video posted on the transparent geometry, video display can be transparent? Thank you for the first time


What is transparent geometry?


For example, I create a transparent name geometry


Could you provide some code (with comments)? As it’s very hard to understand what you mean.


I mean it is creating a surface or geometry in the scene, the transparent channel video posted up, whether the video can be achieved partially transparent, I would like to ask whether there is a transparent channel video compatible with threeJS?


Are you using translation software? It’s very hard to understand what you mean.


Yes. So sorry


It’s OK - I’ve found that translation tools are not very good at Asian languages.

You should include the original as well and add a note that it’s automatically translated. Perhaps someone here speaks the same language.


OK, thank you! Ha ha ha, I’m from China, I want to know the video that loads transparent channel, I don’t know whether threejs is compatible


.webm video format supports a transparent channel and works with three.js


Thank you very much!


Hello, excuse me. How does.Webm format video output?


Hello, if you make your own video, how do you turn it into.Webm format? What should be paid attention to? Thank you very much!


Also, I also want to ask, loading transparent channel video to three.js, need to pay attention to the details of the problem? If it’s related to demo, it’ll be better


Hello, please ask you a question, how can three.js video textures be compatible with mobile phone end browsers? Thank you very much!


Hello, how is the three.js video map compatible with the mobile WeChat terminal? Please, thank you.