The Paraverse - An Experience (Metaverse Game)

Hi Community,

After a lot of hard work over the last few months with the amazing team at ParagonsNFT, I’m excited to announce The Paraverse: A full fledged in-browser game.

Link: :zap: :zap:

Built with: threejs & webGL with @nextjs. Would be happy to answer any questions below.

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It is quite captivating and psychedelic, especially in high quality mode. A spent a few minutes walking in the paraverse. The amount of objects is amazing. Did you use instancing?

There are some situations that might require some attention:

  • It is easy to spot a texture edge (especially in low-quality mode), maybe it is not a seamless texture?
  • The texture does not look consistent (the left and right halves do not match in appearance)
  • Sometimes the camera jitters a lot (I was not able to identify a specific condition, but I can show a video, if needed)

What type of optimizations did you use? It appears you have chunks, because when I spin the view point quickly I can see how chunks appear.

Hey. Thank you very much!:smile:

Hey we low-quality mode was added mostly as a worst case scenario for devices with very low processing power.

  • The texture is not seamless on the energy field.
  • The camera has collision detection. Therefore, it is jittery when dragging along the ground.
  • Yes, we used a combination of instancing and culling objects based on camera view. We’re looking for ways to make culled objects load faster on camera move.

Really appreciate the feedback. Have an amazing day!:pray::innocent:

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