The event of the intersection of a triangle and a point does not work

The documentation says that the triangle can catch a point, but it doesn’t, i could not get. Could you give an example where it works, when a triangle and a point intersect and an event is caught - check?

In doc about triangle: three.js docs

there is a .containsPoint method but it doesn’t work. If it worked, it would allow me to develop the idea that any point cloud can be captured by another triangle cloud. Of course, it would be great to catch triangle vs. triangle collisions, but I did not find such an opportunity.

My idea is to catch collisions between any meshes using derived points and triangles transformed through the buffer geometry. For example, here I made a conditional cloud of points and triangles, and for example with a cube, and the event will be caught, both separately points and separately triangles. The idea was to do it without using a physics engine, to catch collisions from dynamic shapes.

Here is an example of my experiment:

In octree.js, there is no way to make dynamic shapes (except for spheres, capsules), only by updating the world itself, which is not productive.

If add an algorithm (triangle vs triangle for check collision) to three.js it`s be nice

i`d reright cycle, fixed and do working triangle vs point. Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground