Special Stage - Procedural Lo-fi Futuristic Roguelike Rally Racing

Special Stage is a lo-fi minimalistic racing game inspired by the togue, rally, and futuristic racing genres with roguelike elements.

Playable in browser PC & MOBILE


There is lots to do but I am excited to share where I am at. Special Stage has been a project that I have continously re-applied my programming knowledge towards. I originally prototyping in Processing & Love2D. After realizing the limitations in sharing I started learning JS. I fell in love with THREE.

The engine for Special Stage is built on top of THREE and uses the Improved Noise module. Everything else is custom, including the UI and bitmap font :wink:

I am going to keep it open. Trying to take more time to comment out code. Working on generate.js at the moment.

Special Stage - Github Repository


Very cool ! I like the art, and it runs very smoothly on my HTC EYEs.
Three things tho :

  • map generation takes too long, most users would leave before it’s ended.
  • “Add to homescreen” is proposed too early
  • Controls are not convenient, have a look at this
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Art style is nice! Controls are unusable though, at least on keyboard. The only way to make it around corners is to go really slow.

Generating the map was basically instant on my laptop, so I guess that’s only an issue with slow mobile CPUs.


Nice I like it. Perhaps add a restart stage button, if you know you have messed up perhaps hit backspace to save having to wait for the prompt?

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Thank you all for checking it out and the feedback! I definitley need to play with controls and will prioritize that next.

@felixmariotto You are definitley right about load times. Half the users leave during load. That is currently where my attention is focused. I thought the “Add to homescreen” prompt was out of my control. After looking into it I think I found a fix. That controls example is perfect. Thank you.

@looeee Solid feedback! Added WASD controls to see if the keys are easier to use. Hoping adding sensitivity settings helps, but ideally it plays nice out of the box.

Hint: The vehicle is inspired by asteroids. If you are not accelerating you will drift. You will only steer if acceleration is applied in that direction.

@user123 Happy you like it :slight_smile: R is mapped to reset stage. forgot to incate that in the loading screen.

Are you using physics for this?

I made they physics up using Raycaster for collision detection and lookAt to align the vehicle to the face normal.


Thank you!!! I am not a developer, more of a 3D and graphic artist learning how to use threejs. So you have no idea how interesting that is to me! Using Raycasting and Lookat. I will give that a try! :slight_smile: