[Solved] High resolution screeshot of scene

Hi, I’m trying to create a high resolution screenshot of a fixed frame of my animation. I have a continuously rotating element that I’m animating using both .rotation.set() and .setFromRotationMatrix() (being applied when you manipulate it with touchmove )and then reset my element’s rotation so that it is exported in the correct view to the image, and it works, but often it also fails to capture it at the right rotation, as if it didn’t have time to capture it or wasn’t properly reset.

Any ahints? Here is my capture and reset code.

The example is live at: https://ahumabody.com

Um, your link https://ahumabody.com/ does not seem to work.

oops my mistake it’s https://ahumanbody.com

Um, is it possible to illustrate this particular issue in a live demo? Right now, the description of the problem is somewhat vague. I have no idea where to start looking for the root cause.


It is now solved. Basically you would print a heart when you go to section “product overview” and click “take it home”.

I reset the rotation values so it’s always at 0, but sometimes it wasn’t working. I figured it out, I was resetting it by heart.rotation.y = and I changed it to heart.position.set() My guess is since the rotation animation is created by a rotation matrix it isn’t reset otherwise since .set() does change the matrix but setting the rotation value doesn’t if I’m correct.

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