Skinning a mesh to a rigged model

Hello, everyone
I’m going to make the skinning programmatically
I loaded a rigged human model to the scene. And then I loaded a face-mask mesh to cover it to a head part. I want to make the skinning to head bone.
So, as a result, the mask must move with the head.
Any advice?

Hello! If bone of head is like: mesh_human.children[0].children[1]
Then attach mask to it:
And need to correcting position of mask
I attached gun to hand bone image

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Is there a jaw bone in your model?

I think that if the mask has to stretch when the jaw bone moves, then it might be best to have two models, one with the mask applied and one without. Then the mask can be fully skinned to the head and jaw bones.

If there is no motion of the jaw while the character is wearing the mask, then you could try parenting it directly to the jaw using the method as described by Chaser_Code.

Thank you @Chaser_Code
Is there another way?

Thank you @mdbnet

Is there another way?