Simple 3D Vector Visualizer

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my simple 3D vector visualizer.
It visualizes vectors using THREE's arrow helpers.

You can:

  • add new vectors
  • edit existing vectors
  • delete existing vectors

Live example



Nice !
If the user could easily add/subtract vectors, I think it could have a very real educational value.

Also at some point it crashed and I got this error :

I happened when I clicked on “Draw” to add a vector, I think it was [ -3, 2, 0 ]

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Thank you for giving it a try!

I definitely agree that being able to visualize some vector operations would be helpful.
I will try to toss those into the app when i have a chance.

Also, thank you for the error screenshot. It is now fixed in the live demo :wink:

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Add cross product and dot product! :smiley: