Silent Hill. Snow, partial city, animations, triggers, dissolve

Silent Hill. Snow, partial city, animations, triggers, dissolve.
Made in 30.04.21 - 30.05.21
Download: GitHub - chasergit/24_silent_hill

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Sharing resources like that is not secure. People could easily download malware.

It’s better if you link to a GitHub repository or to a live website. But please avoid online storage or zip files.

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Link to archive deleted.

We do not allow video-only resources/showcases. Without a live link or a link to a GitHub, GitLab repository, this topic has to be deleted.

On a complete side-note - it may not be 100% legal / possible to show the entire thing, but that does look like a lot of great work done - if you could publish even just the fanciest parts of code, out of sheer curiosity of how it looks - that’d be awesome :fire:


I download github program and upload files.

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How to delete other repositories?

At the bottom of the Settings panel there’s an option Delete this repository.

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Like in Play Station One, town rendering partialy. All town separated to sections. When you step on one section, script load one part of town, when step another section - another part. Chainging parts took only 0.02ms. Snow falling on any triangles and before checking what triangles are in his mini sections where he want to fall.