Share one animation btw different models


Is it possible to share one animation btw two different models that has different bone position but same skeleton? In blender same animation works good for different models… in threejs second model applies bones position of first model and it looks terrible… Is there a way to share one animation correctly with respect of bone position of each model? Or may be there is a way to modify animation according to bone position…

hi, yes are you sharing the same animation mixer for each model? have you tried a seperate animation mixer for each model?

I’ve used separe mixer for each model. Animation data is the same (from one of the model and second model using this animation copy its bones position… as result second model has shoulders position of first model etc that is second model is deformed like first model).

Just to clarify….the bone structure and hierarchy of the 2 models are the same… if they are, the original positions of the bones don’t matter, just as long as their being updated…
Sorry if the answer isn’t what your looking for…I wasn’t sure about the context

yes, bone structure and hierarchy are same for models… the only difference is in head/tail position of some bones like shoulders,legs… and animation works for both models BUT for one model it works fine (animation was created initially for this model) for second it works like for first (with relocation of shoulders/legs like in first model and it deforms mesh respectively… visually it looks like first model according to its bones)… in blender file animation/armature was duplicated and position of bones edited according to new model (i.e. shoulders, legs… but total skeleton height approximately same) and animation looks like it should be with new position of shoulders/legs… but not in threejs. Now I’m wondering if it possible some how change animation to make it looks like it should be for second model… may be calculate and apply some bone offsets… I don’t know how it works internally and asking may be here someone know things deeper than me and can suggest something. I’ve searched here and there was some themes with retargeting… it is similar problem and author said that it works fine when skeleton is same as well as height. As I understand there is such a thing like moprhTargets (shape keys)… and in theory it can be some how created in blender and applied to make clip… but I didn’t dig into this and how to make it easy. Rigs isn’t supported in threejs (the best solution for animation of different models… bones with offset).