Setting texture repeat to repeatWrapping causing error GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Level of detail outside of range

Hi all,

I am using Three 0.138.2 (updated from 0.137.x and below - at these versions had never seen this issue) and am having trouble applying initial textures to a glb. The texture appears to apply as matte black and I get the warnings in the image below. Though if I load an image after the initial paint and apply it to the material map, it works as expected. I have noticed that this error doesn’t occur if I don’t set repeatWrapping – hence the title (and in this case the texture is visible, just not making use of the repeat settings).
Please excuse me in advance if this has been covered – I wasn’t able to find any info on this.
If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!

I was using useTexture from Drei – using useLoader with TextureLoader works as intended. I think this issue is better suited for Drei discussions specifically.