SeaShell Mesh from point array? extrude along path?

I have and algorithm that generates seashell geometry in Python. I’d like to rewrite it in three.js and generate many different types of shells on the web.

I’ve searched this forum and Stackoverflow and am still not sure. Can Three.js create a complex mesh from a generative point array? I’ve looked at BufferGeometry and it doesn’t look like it can, but I’m not sure.

My algorithm generates points from curves, (“cross sections”, “ellipses”, “ribs”) along a spline. It’s kind of like extruding a shape along a path, except the shapes increase in size and points the further they get along down the path. I’ve looked into the path extruding methods and they don’t seem like they’d work.

I’m three.js newbie and will welcome any advice on what tools, methods or examples I should be looking at and trying. Thanks!


Another option is to take a look at this topic: Addon. Produces almost infinite many time-varying geometries with functions
And contact @hofk :slight_smile:

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The addon Addon to create special / extended geometries also shows how to create different more complex geometries. If you have the formulas/algorithm, it’s just a little work to get the result. :slightly_smiling_face:

see GitHub

from THREEp:



Hello! I’ll give Addon a try and post back as soon as I have a question or something to show. Thanks!