Scene within a Scene - finer points

I’ve managed to get a scene-within-a scene working 90% perfectly - so I have a few questions regarding the remaining 10%.

First off, the scene is here in this fiddle:

My questions are:

  1. Why is the Cube in the mini-scene all stretched out? It’s supposed to be perfectly symmetrical, but it’s looking more like a rectangle than a cube
  2. OrbitControls isn’t working in my mini-scene - I can’t spin the cube or zoom in and out of the scene - why?
  3. I’ve noticed it often requires a double-tap - or several taps on the cubes in the main-scene before the raycaster catches the tap event and passes it onto the mini-scene; why is that?
  4. The cube in the mini-scene is supposed to be spinning - see Line # 263 in the animate function - but it’s not. How come?

About 1. : try to set the camera for the small scene this way:

  // 3. Make a new CAMERA for the SCENE:
  const detailsCamera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera( 50, detailsCanvas.width / detailsCanvas.height, 1, 10 );
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Yep - that indeed works. And takes care of Q#1.
Only 3 more to go! :upside_down_face: