Scale myself not the whole scene

I’m facing an “issue” when I’m entering into VR mode. It seams that I’m to small and the room is to big.
I would like to scale myself in height so that I dont need to scale the whole scene.
If I do scene.set.size(0.25, 0.25, 0.25) then its look almost ok but when I look down I’m still like one meter from the floor.

i have the same issue, did you figure out a way to resolve this issue?

I usually start to define the height of the camera (basically scaling the user)
camera.position.set( 0, 1.7, 0 ); The starting position of the camera matter despite it may move along user’s movements.
In this example we assume 1 unit = 1 meter with 1.7 as average man/woman height.
You may let the user choose is own height among 2-3 predefined sizes too.
it’s good to insure your model’s scale match at least one measuring unit like inch / feet / meter to simplify your life.

then I attach cam inside some three group

const dolly = new THREE.Group();
dolly.add( camera );

this way I can move the dolly for teleport/walking, and only use the camera for user’s head rotation and position. If everything went well, the camera should stay around the defined height, without the need to resize your scene. Controllers must be added inside the dolly too.

Don’t center the vertical Axis, and then trying scaling.