Running WebVR in Chrome

Hey guys

Does anyone else have a problem launching any webvr demo in Chrome lately?
Does it have something to do with an upcoming deprecation of webvr api?

May I ask why you are still using it? According to Chrome Platform Status, the WebVR API will be removed with Chrome 80. WebXR instead will likely be shipped with Chrome 79, so in two releases (Chrome 77 is the current release). Shipping means in this context it’s available by default (without an origin trial or flags).

Well, by WebVR I meant web-based VR in general, not WebVR API. I can’t launch WebXR samples too (this for instance: Is there something else I must do besides enabling WebXR in chrome://flags?

Also, aren’t vr examples on done using WebVR API?

If WebXR is available, WebXR is chosen. WebVR API is only used a fallback.

No, as long as the website has an embedded origin trial meta tag like the official three.js examples. They do work actually fine with Google Daydream.