RickTransfer : The File Transfer App inspired by the Rick&Morty show

Welcome to RickTransfer, the future of file transfer! :rocket::gun:

Our service is inspired by the hit TV show Rick and Morty, and offers a unique and innovative way to transfer files in real-time.

With our interdimensional gun, you can upload files and watch them fly through different dimensions, instantly landing on the other device.

Our philosophy is to make file transfer as fun and easy as possible, while providing a secure and reliable service. Whether you need to send documents, photos, videos, or any other files, RickTransfer is the ultimate solution.

Join the RickTransfer community today and experience the future of file transfer.

Check out our website to learn more : https://ricktransfer.com

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I liked the idea. It would be nice to see some demo (or at least a video) of how file transfer looks like. It seems this is not possible without registration.

Hello Pavel,

Thanks for your response !

In fact it is possible to give it a try without registration !

Just head up to the home page and CLICK the Portal Gun to START, i might upload a short video to show how it works too, thanks for the advise.


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