Replicate bouncing and slight movement(even if there's no any event) of shapes on mouse click and hover

Hi everyone, Please check “Let’s work together” section in Lusion - Our Projects(scroll down). And I want to create the same replica of that section. That those shapes, and those shapes should be slightly moving even if there’s no event and on hover and on click those shapes should bounce also want to create that oily wavy effect wherever we drag mouse on screen.
Have pasted the image for reference.

Thank You.

Could you show your effort so far?

Hi @Lukasz_D_Mastalerz
Sorry. I haven’t put any effort as I kept on figuring out how to do and what plugin to use. I’m completely new to it so…

You probably chose one of the most difficult projects to decompile… They don’t use any plug-ins, in the classic CMS sense. If you want to explore this particular section you should take a look at it


That is made using React-Spring its a great animation library with physics too. Since the scene you want to create only have 2D elements on which the animation is to be applied it makes the work pretty easy.

Also the movement you see after the objects drop down is because of physics collision, each item is continuously colliding with each other making the objects to act like that.

Its basically up to you which approach you wanna take, if I were you I would have used React-Spring because the objects also react with mouse hover and thats pretty much what Spring does