renderToVR - next-gen 360 3D VR Tour made with three.js

Hi Comunity!
We are a small start-up. Developing a next-gen 360 tours authoring service for arch-viz industry.
And this is our demo:

And youtube video:


Well done, crisp!

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Lovely cubemaps! :blue_square: :mermaid:

This is pretty interesting, like matterport but with rendered assets. How do you interact with the scene, is there some kind of geometry you load or are you using depth maps?

@rendertovr Very nice!

It’s pretty similar to a demo I’ve made a couple of months ago, but yours have more features:

One question: why and what does it load every time I make a move?

@rendertovr Really interesting, also interested in how you rendered the geometry of the scene, if it’s a 3D model and not done with individual pictures - what is it that loads every time you click?

On another note unrelated to webgl - I think this logo and typeface is really handsome

I like the “walking up the stairs” sequence in yours @soadzoor :slight_smile:

Hi everyone and thanks. We were on vacation and didn’t see our posts.

This is Matterport -like approach: 3D geometry and 360 images as a textures

Textures are pretty big to load them all together before a start. We believe that users don’t like to wait for a long time. And we have updated a player a little so it skips loading circle if the texture is already in the memory.

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Doesn’t matterport/google has a patent on it?

On what? On idea?

Just run through…
“The present disclosure concerns a methodology that allows a user to “orbit” around a model on a specific axis of rotation and view an orthographic floor plan of the model. A user may view and “walk through” the model while staying at a specific height above the ground with smooth transitions between orbiting, floor plan, and walking modes.”
Seriously? Did they reinvent camera movement in 3d environment?

Google is destroying the market for companies and devs around the world in many ways.

I think Matterport got this patent with the aim of escaping patent trolls. I hope they understand it’s stupid to claim they invented different ways of movement inside 3d space or 3d tape ruler tool.

Not only the obvious point hundreds of other tools use it since ages already, but there are many other things patented such as the mix of panos with 3D elements, it’s generation etc. If it’s a patent troll protection or not, it could be used to ruin any kind of growing business or competition, like with their Business View.

Such minimal obvious things shouldn’t get granted for patent in the first place, next Google will patent breathing :money_mouth_face:

We are not under US law and small enough to fight with us.
We also don’t compete with Matterport.
Unlike Matterport we are aiming at the visualization market.
So we are going to continue developing our viewer anyway.