Remove armature hierarchy / define target

Hi there!

The stork.glb provided in the three.js master appears as so under the babylon.js sandbox inspect hierarchy.

My model appears as so:

    `var intersectsWizard = raycaster.intersectObjects(wizard.children);`


if (intersectsWizard.length > 0) {

                var position = {

                var target = {
                    x: intersectsWizard[0].point.x,
                    y: intersectsWizard[0].point.y,
                    z: intersectsWizard[0].point.z

is unable to target the mesh, so the question is:

Anybody know how I can target the mesh?
Or alternatively anyone know how I can export the .glb file the same way the hierarchy is in stork.glb (no armature group)

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

p.s when I console.log(scene), I’ve pinpointed the target mesh as so:

I found a pretty horrific solution, but it works.

Export the file from blender as .FBX and open it in Autodesk Maya, move it out of its overhanging group and re-export using babylon.js exporter, hierarchies are gone and armature is not parented.


Then it’s not a horrific solution, it’s a great solution :wink:

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