Raycaster ignores hit on vertex

Hi all, I have an issue, where the raycaster ignores a hit on a vertex. To check what’s going on I built the following scenario: Taking a random vertex from my object (it’s an imported STL model). Raycasting directly on this vertex. Depending of the ray direction (always point to the vertex, with different origins) this point has no intersection. I expect to get all faces around this vertex, which not always works. To be honest, right now I have only one point with one ray direction, where I don’t get a hit.

Any ideas what’s going on with the raycaster while pointing on a vertex? Can it be because of rounding issues? Any optimization I can do, that I always will also get a intersection on a vertex?

In the meantime I found the following: improving raycasting precision in three.js - Stack Overflow

But with this information, I’m afraid that each point could theoretically be a vertex and so being ignored.